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We know it because we lived it. The hCG Diet Plan works with no guesswork and no magic! All you have to do is follow the hCG Diet Protocol. You don't need surgery to lose the weight, and you can lose up to 20, 40, 60, or even 80 pounds. Take the first step!


This program has proven safe and successful for thousands of people who wanted to get off medication, feel better about themselves, and--most importantly--get healthy. Please note that we will ask you for blood test results as part of the program to ensure the program will not adversely affect you. 

Our Services

Inner Health & Weight Loss provides everything needed to succeed on the hCG Diet Protocol. We counsel and advise our clients to make sure the hCG Protocol will be safe and effective for you. Count on us to:

  • Source the Highest Quality Pharmaceutical hCG

  • Provide Regular Lipotropic B-12 Shots to assist in metabolizing fat

  • Offer a Complete Diet Menu for All the Phases of the Diet

  • Provide Regular Visits to Track & Measure Our Client's Success


hCG is an FDA approved hormone. It is prescribed as a fertility aid for women and to help boys reach puberty. hCG is quite the interesting hormone because, when taken in low doses and in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, hCG is safe and effective in helping overweight people metabolize abnormal fat stores from hard-to-lose places on the body and maintain muscle. People who lose weight on hCG do not look weathered and drawn after losing weight, unlike other diets. Regardless of the cause of your being overweight, whether genetic, environmental, or poor eating and exercise habits, our hCG program is a good opportunity for you to jump start your weight loss success and reset your metabolism.

On the program you should expect to lose 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds per day.

There are three main phases to our diet. Phase 1 is the Loading Phase, and you can eat whatever you like for the first three days you are taking your hCG pills (injections). Phase 2 is the Diet Phase, and it lasts for either 23 or 40 days. You'll eat a reduced calorie diet of 800 to 1,200 calories with no fat, oil, sugar, or starchy foods. The release of energy from fats metabolizing into your bloodstream will provide the energy you need. Some will even feel a slight sense of euphoria. You can expect to experience some hunger for the first two days; but beyond this, you can expect to effortlessly lose 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds per day of abdominal fat. The third phase allows you to slowly reintroduce more proteins, bread, eggs, and other starches back into your diet. 

Critical Information regarding hCG information on the Internet

A few years back, hCG had a huge resurgence due to it being featured on the Dr. Oz show multiple times. In a largely unregulated supplements market, many manufacturers falsely stated that hCG was part of their ingredients. hCG can only be purchased from a pharmaceutical manufacturer by a physician. Even today there are a few products on the market that have these initials, but clearly state that they contain no hCG. Be aware that you may see videos of people that say they took hCG, and had no results. They most likely never took hCG.


As of 2016, the FDA finally stepped in and cleared up many unscrupulous marketers making false claims on their over the counter products. 

hCG can and should only be taken if under medical supervision. We are specialists and have many fantastic stories of our clients coming off  insulin or cholesterol medications due to their blood and weight normalization. 


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